September 22, 2007

G155: Red Sox 8, Devil Rays 6

Red Sox Clinch Playoff Spot!
Red Sox   -  001 202 003 - 8 13 0
Devil Rays - 000 201 300 - 6 7 0
With Boston trailing 6-5, Varitek started the top of the ninth with a solo home run off Al Reyes. Hinske, who had looked horrible all night, followed with a double. After Crisp popped to third, Lugo homered to left!! Then Ellsbury doubled and took third on a foul pop to first, but was stranded at third.

Drew continues to be ON FIRE with a double, a home run, 3 RBI and 2 runs scored. Varitek was on base all four times tonight: walk, 2 singles and home run. And Eric Gagne looked fantastic once again and he picked up the victory.


A wild one this afternoon:
Blue Jays - 000 300 530 0 - 11 18 0
Yankees - 010 014 320 1 - 12 17 1

Daisuke Matsuzaka (4.41, 103 ERA+) / Andy Sonnanstine (5.68, 81 ERA+)

Matsuzaka's ERA is 11.20 in three September starts -- and 7.15 in his last seven outings. In 26.1 innings against Tampa, his ERA is 3.42. ... Sonnanstine has a 9.00 ERA in three starts (15 IP) against the Red Sox.

Manny Ramirez will likely return no earlier than Tuesday at home against Oakland.

The Blue Jays play the Yankees at 1 PM: Marcum/Hughes.
Boston 91 63 .591 -- 8 games left
New York 88 65 .575 2.5 9 games left

Wild Card
New York 88 65 .575 -- 9 games left
Detroit 84 70 .545 4.5 8 games left
Seattle 82 71 .536 6.0 9 games left
Detroit hosts Kansas City at 7 PM.


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ish said...

i always chuckle when i hear francona call lugo, "loogie"

ish said...

Terry Francona is the first manager in Red Sox history to take his team to the postseason three times.


Amy said...

Thanks, Sosock and Redsock (hey, you two could be brothers based on your login names), and now good night for real!

s1c said...

Can someone tell me how Dice K looked tonight?

Looked good for 6 2/3 then walked two people.

s1c said...

Celebration was perfect. No big type of thing, however am disappointed I didn't see any fist pumps (SNARK).

nick said...

hey all. I was at work again (saturday nights). went over to the neighboring restaurant with a TV and caught the DrewDong. That was pretty much the game to me. I see I missed some late inning stress and pyrotechnics.

Catch you all later. g'night.

westcoastsox said...

Well, Yom Kippur is over, did a lot of atoning, then nervously checked the game during break-fast here on the West Coast. Can't believe they came back, and the Yankees came back too. Quite the pennant race.


Wake at the Trop = Magic Number down to 5 tomorrow.

Jere said...

What a day. One more road game, then, hopefully, 8 in a row at Fenway!

Lord Lynch said...

I thought I would say that I passed out (tut tut) at 3-2 (a) due to a good night out on the banks of the Thames and (b) gameday not working on Mozilla.

So it seems as though you coughed the lead up again, but redeemed your selves in the 9th.

I'm going to miss the first round of the playoffs as I'm in Berlin, so relying on dear old little brother to record the games for me. What a decent problem to have.

Now win this division boys and end the humble ones run.

L-girl said...

Enough with the coughing up. We won in decisive and convincing fashion. It's the final score that counts, not how many innings we had a lead.

Lord Lynch said...


I am just jesting!!!!

I won't forget this morning in a hurry. Woke up at 5 a.m. with a nice old hangover, having left the computer on next to me. I looked, saw 8-6 and got my headache remedy and retired to my proper place of slumber.

I wiil nor forget where I was, crashed out on the sofa, when the Sox clinched a play-off berth.

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