September 21, 2007

NESN's Analysis (sic)

With Extra Innings, I get only the day's game -- nothing before or after. Sometimes I think I'd like more NESN, but then I actually hear some of the post-game show (thanks to an asleep-at-the-switch EI programmer) and immediately have second thoughts.

Boston Dirt Dogs posted some commentary from Tom Caron and Jim Rice after Eric Gagne's meltdown in Toronto on Tuesday.

Panic in the streets of Red Sox Nation, Jim. This is as bad as it gets.
Really, Tom? That is as bad as it gets? A 2.5-game lead with 10 games to go? Without taxing my brain too much, I can think of several moments in recent Red Sox history that were far worse that that. A fan watching that night can be forgiven for voicing some despair. A professional like Caron should be above that.

I've always felt this way, if Papelbon my horse, I'm going to use Papelbon every day ...
Every day ... That sounds like an excellent plan, Jim.

Has Rice bothered to follow the two seasons-long discussion about Papelbon's usage? It appears not. Perhaps someone could bring him up to speed.

In a field of ignorant talking heads -- where the bar for maintaining your job is shockingly low -- Rice is among the absolute worst. On his best days, he merely spouts meaningless cliches. At other times, like the above, he appears to have absolutely no knowledge of the Red Sox players or management's philosophy for the team.


L-girl said...

Panic in the streets of Red Sox Nation, Jim. This is as bad as it gets.

As my grandmother used to say, we should be lucky.

ish said...

Any educated fan would probably look at 2.5 GA with 10 left and just see a major annoyance rather than panic. On the Globe's poll of level of panic, after the latest loss, 41.3% were at "Crawl on the Ledge"... 24.5% are Panicking, 15.4% are Worried, 10.9% say Relax! October is what counts. Finally, 7.9% are Concerned.

They should have a "Highly Annoyed" choice. I'm not crawling on the ledge, panicked, worried, concerned, or relaxed. I'm annoyed.

nixon33 said...

i have the mbl package too, and for an extra 10 a month i get the sports package, so i get the pregame and postgame, along with all the soccer channels, etc. i used to watch the pregame and post game, but now i dont...its such a mediocre forum of talking heads telling us what we already know and dressing it up with tina, amelie (who i dont mind) and the joe-pesci-in-casino-looking-gordon edes.
but its worth it now, the extra sports package that is, as english & italian soccer leagues have started, and theres a crackin match on sunday. man u vs chelsea.
the only one i like in the postgame is Eck, 'cause hes a prick, and the only one that doesnt act dead.

Bartman said...

I don't get NESN down here, but
could Rice be worse than Rick
effing Sutcliffe?!

redsock said...

could Rice be worse than Rick
effing Sutcliffe?!

I have heard much less of Rice than Sut, but yes. Lights years worse.

Sut is usually wrong and always annoying. Rice seems dumb, incredibly ill-suited to his job.

L-girl said...

joe-pesci-in-casino-looking-gordon edes.

allan said hi to him at skydome on weds, and i was thinking the same thing :)