September 29, 2007

Pap Smeared

From SoSH:

Obscure Name
Papelbon wearing a Bud Light box on his head.
Paps is plowed
Foulkey Reese
he's wearing it as a mask
At least Paps ripped some eyeholes in his Bud Light box so he doesn't trip and fall and bust something.
We can forget about him for the next two nights.
Paps will need to check into AA rehab at this rate. And I don't mean AA in the baseball sense.
Comfortably Lomb
Did Papelbon finish the 30 between closing tonight's game out and the Yankees losing? It looks like it.


Amy said...

He did look like he was one happy boy! Why shouldn't he be?

Has anyone seen a clip showing the final play at Camden Yards? I know it was a suicide squeeze, but so far I haven't seen any visual. Got a clip to put up here somewhere, RS?

redsock said...

The squeeze is one of the video clips at the O's main page (under today's pitchers and the week's schedule).

Nice of the Orioles to shoot off some fireworks for us!

Sir Jahmez said...

Hahaha Pap is the man. Anybody seen any pics of Manny at the celebration? Was he back home already?

phrenile said...

Manny and Drew weren't there. (Drew has a sick kid.)

Amy said...

Thanks for finding that clip, RS! I was so frustrated last night when I heard the cheers and had NO idea what Baltimore had done. Great suicide squeeze there. What a gutsy thing to do.