September 23, 2007


Both Cleveland and the Angels clinched their respective divisions today. We know now three of the eight playoff teams.

AL East: Red Sox 1.5 GA Yankees. Magic #: 6.

AL Wild Card: Yankees 5.5 GA Tigers. Magic #: 2.

NL East: Mets 2.5 GA Phillies. Magic #: 5.

NL Central: Cubs 3.5 GA Brewers. Magic #: 4.

NL West: Diamondbacks 2.5 GA Padres. Magic #: 5.

NL Wild Card: Padres .5 GA Phillies, 1.5 GA Rockies, 3.5 GA Atlanta.

Cleveland (92-63) has the best AL record; the Red Sox and Angels are both .5 GB (92-64).


ish said...

The Cardinals are celebrating what looks like a big playoff game right now. The Cards had a 1-0 lead for most of the game, then Houston tied it up 1-1. In the top of the 9th, Carlos Lee hit a 2-run home run to put the Astros on top, 3-1.

In the bottom of the 9th, Miguel Cairo started with single to right, then Ryan Ludwick walked. David Eckstein was due up, but Albert Pujols pinch-hit and tattooed one off the top of the left-field wall, scoring Cairo. 3-2.

Next batter: Rick Ankiel. He had a terrific at-bat, fouling off low changeups and high 97 mph fastballs, and then he grounded one past the diving Berkman, down the right field line. Brian Barden, running for Pujols, scored the winning run from first.

A walk-off triple for Ankiel. 4-3, Cardinals win the game.

ish said...

Terrific way to end the final home game in 2007 for St. Louis. Both teams won't make the postseason, but in the 9th inning, nobody cared.

redsock said...

Jere was blogging very recently about walk-off triples!

ish said...

I think I've got a new Horse in this whole playoff race. If I was to choose the winners in the NL, I'd go with:

East: Mets
Central: Undecided. I'd love to see Milwaukee go to the playoffs, but I'd like to see the Cubs go as well. It'll be bitter-sweet either way.
West: San Diego

Wild Card: I'd love to see the D-Backs get into the playoffs as well (looks like they're well on their way), but I just saw that the Colorado Rockies tonight posted their franchise record 84th win. Wouldn't they be a terrific team to make the playoffs? They're only 1.5 GB of the Padres.

I think if it came down to it, I'd take the Rockies over the Padres. Playoff baseball in Denver. That would be weird, eh? But awesome. Just like having playoff baseball in Chicago or Milwaukee.