September 29, 2007

Red Sox Host Angels On Wednesday

Once we get G162 out of the way, we can pace nervously for almost three full days.
Wed 1003 - Angels at Red Sox
Thu 1004 - OFF
Fri 1005 - Angels at Red Sox
Sat 1006 - OFF
Sun 1007 - Red Sox at Angels
Mon 1008 - Red Sox at Angels
Tue 1009 - OFF
Wed 1010 - Angels at Red Sox
Picking the eight-day schedule means the Red Sox will use three starters in the ALDS, moving Tim Wakefield in the bullpen. Josh Beckett will pitch Game 1 and would pitch Game 4 (if necessary) on four days rest. He would then be in line to pitch Game 1 of the ALCS on Friday the 13th -- again on four days rest.

The Yankees will start their series (Chien-Ming Wang in Game 1) in Cleveland on Thursday.


ish said...

Thank god for Baseball Tonight and Tim Kurkjian.

Here's how it would go if there was a four-way tie for the NL Wild Card:

Monday: Mets @ Philadelphia

Colorado could opt to play either two games at home or one game on the road, and why would anyone want to play two games when they could win one and go? So assuming Colorado would choose to play one on the road...

Tuesday: If PHI wins Monday, it'd be SD @ NYM. If the Mets win Monday, it'd be PHI @ SD.

Wednesday: COL @ Tuesday winner.

And then the NL playoffs would start. Wouldn't that be amazing? The Red Sox start the playoffs on the same day the National League wild card is being decided. Wow.

They've gotta do this. It would be amazing. Go Milwaukee, New York, Philadelphia, and Colorado!

Andy said...

good friend of mineis a Dbacks fan so I have been following the NL race pretty closely. About 4 games back I made a list of what had to happen to put us in this position and amazingly enough all the games turned out like i picked them. I should get into a football pool