September 3, 2007

Schadenfreude 23 (A Continuing Series)

Masochist Joe Torre says he wants to manage the Chokers in 2008.

Also: Pedro faces the Reds at 1:15!


s1c said...

Asked about Seattle's losing streak, Derek Jeter (0-for-5, three strikeouts) shot back, "So they're due to win, right? You can throw numbers out the window. We need to play well. They have a good team.

Ah, the wisdom of CI.

chris said...

espn and espn2 come through again by playing their stupid shows and drag racing instead of the comeback of the greatest pitcher to ever live.

please tell me i missed something :(

redsock said...

Ah, the wisdom of CI.

There is perhaps no one in MLB who is better at being interviewed and saying absolutely nothing.