September 4, 2007

Schadenfreude 24 (A Continuing Series)

Monday was a good day: The Red Sox outlasted the Blue Jays, Pedro Martinez returned to the mound and pitched the Mets to victory (while striking out his 3,000th batter), and the Yankees got pounded by the Mariners, dropping to 7 GB, as Roger Clemens lasted only four innings before going off to have an MRI.


francis said...

Looks like the elbow might be a goner. Even if they shoot it up, and lie to the world and he goes out there in 2 weeks with a partial tear one last time he wont be the same. I guess we can call me conflicted. I know Rog would gladly beat us in game 7 of the ALCS if he got the chance and then talk about what a great organization the empire is, but I guess I am just not so bitter that I hope it ends in an injury b/c all the pettiness and millions aside that was/is(?) the greatest pitcher of the modern era ever. While I am here I will add that while I dont post much, I come here daily. Wonderful work, great site. Truly a shame other bloggers cant turn their passions into quality like this.

redsock said...

Thanks for the comment!

I am not conflicted. He was a great pitcher and I despise him.

I'd like his last major league appearance to come during the upcoming Fenway series, where he gets lit up for as many extra-bases hits and runs in the first inning as Torre leaves him out there for. 10-12 would be nice.

And I want the "Raaaaaaaa-ger, Raaaaaaaa-ger" chants to be so fucking loud, I hear them all the way up here in Ontario with my TV muted.

Jere said...

Roger pitching at Fenway, ha! He now has the excuse all set with this current "injury." (But, of course, I agree--I'd love to see him dare to take the Fenway mound and get destroyed, and the Sox clinch the division in the same game.)

Your fantasy is slightly different than Bill Lee's, though, who said Roger's last performance should be him at Fenway, getting hit with a line drive on the forehead and being immediately buried right there under the mound.

s1c said...

I am sorry, he is not the greatest, in order to be great you have to be better than 2 and 4 in WS games. You also have to have a better than 4.00 ERA in the Div. Series and the Championship Series.

I also agree with RS, I want him booed off the field every time.

redsock said...

That seems like an odd criteria, s1c. One random example: Walter Johnson was 3-3 in World Series games with 56 hits allowed in 50 innings.

(I never said he was the greatest -- maybe no one here did -- but you could make a very solid case he is in the Top 5.)

I like Spaceman's proposal, but I don't that fucker anywhere near Fenway after he's dead.

Jere said...

Just heard on ESPN--Clemens to miss next two starts. Looking at the schedule, that would make a Fenway start not likely.

Surprise squared.

redsock said...

Oh, I see Francis thought he might be the greatest. Some people I repsect, like Allen Barra, agree with that.

And it looks like your million bucks is safe, Jere.

nixon33 said...