March 23, 2008

Beckett, Timlin May Start Season On DL

Josh Beckett pitched two innings (35 pitches) this morning in an intrasquad game. It was his first game action since March 8. "There were no problems. The back is healthy."

Beckett said he needs 14 more innings in Florida -- and he mentioned April 10 as a possible return date. Beckett and Mike Timlin may both begin the season on the disabled list.

On Saturday morning, Bartolo Colon threw three scoreless innings for Lancaster (A), allowing four hits. He threw 34 pitches, struck out two and did not walk a batter.

Two different types of baseballs were used in the exhibition games. Red Sox pitchers used the usual MLB balls, but the Japanese teams used balls that are "slightly smaller, with more of a raised seam, and a bit livelier".

Craig Breslow was placed on waivers and claimed by Cleveland.


nick said...

One of the perks of playing in Japan, according to Atchison, is that the pitchers don’t have to shag in the outfield during batting practice.

Wow, I guess we have some strange rituals! Why don't they ever show that on NESN?

SoSock said...

There's a lot of routine in baseball that never gets shown or mentioned. Not sure if you can do this at the Majors level, but if you can, go down to a ballpark one day about 1 or 2:00 on a gameday.
The field prep, the stretches, the individual players' rituals, and BP is as choreographed as a ballet, even at single A

L-girl said...

Sosock, I think you may have missed Nick's point there. :)

nick said...

Thanks l-girl. I had the point in my head, but couldn't nail the proper snarky line.

Anyhow the key word in that is "shag". yeah.

The NFL has no shortage of spandex-butt-slapping, but we've got pitchers doing the full on bump in the outfield grass!

L-girl said...

I'd pay to see that.