March 2, 2008

The Newest Member Of Red Sox Nation

John Henry, in an email to the Herald's Michael Silverman:
I'm a big Hank fan. Just to ensure he knows how cool Red Sox Nation is, we officially inducted him as a member of Red Sox Nation and we are sending him his membership card giving him access to an array of options including our newsletter, bumper stickers, pins, Green Monster seats and a hat personally autographed by David Ortiz.


Patriots Film said...

How many *more* reasons do I need before JWH is my favorite person ever?

redsock said...

Perfectly played.

I would have loved to been a fly on the wall when they came up with this idea.

redsock said...

Ian Browne at also has the story:

The Red Sox and Yankees don't play a game that counts until April 11, but the rivalry is already in midseason form in the upper levels of team management. ...

Before coming up with the idea to put Hank in Red Sox Nation, Henry wrote another e-mail to reporters that said, "A wise man once said, 'Don't poke the bear.'"

The Red Sox and Yankees play a Grapefruit League contest on March 17 in Tampa. It will be interesting to see if Steinbrenner carries his Red Sox Nation card in his wallet that day.


The Omnipotent Q said...

Great move by JH. Makes Mr. Hankee look more like a total schmuck.

SoSock said...

Was catching up on ST news early this morning and saw this story. Have been LMAO ever since.
God I hope Lil' Hanky stays around a while. Talk about instant fodder for punch lines.
It's like having the ineptitude of the Bush administration to laugh at without the serious ramifications for the rest of the world

redsock said...

I know what you mean, but I would say that Bush et al. are not inept. They have been very successful. They are quite ept.

L-girl said...

If only they were a little less ept.

Why does everyone think they are inept? Because the figurehead can't put together a coherent sentence?

SoSock said...

I guess ineptitude may not be exactly the right word. W is very inept in his command of the english language, which is ironic when you consider that most conservatives think no other language should ever be uttered on our soil.
Maybe almost laughable would be a better fit for his actions, except that the results are no laughing matter. Like Lil' Hank, he blurts out whatever statements will support his version of the truth, with no regard for actual facts, he considers himself the rightful "ruler of the world" and has the wealth at his disposal to continue strengthening his kingdom. As you point out though, he has done this very effectively and convinced way too many people that he is their hero, their Cowboy from Texas riding in to save them. What a farce! Great PR, though. Of course, George did this for a long time, there ARE a lot of Yankee fans out here in no-team's land. But the Sox fans are growing in number, and we're already seeing the demise of the NY power machine. Maybe the neocon stranglehold on DC will follow