March 8, 2008

YFSF: Top 50 Red Sox Seasons

Paul SF at Yanks Fan/Sox Fan did a ton of research over the winter and is posting his list of the Top 50 Red Sox seasons. Here are 46-50 and 41-45.
50. Derek Lowe, 2000
49. Cy Young, 1903
48. Ernie Shore, 1915
47. Roger Clemens, 1991
46. Wade Boggs, 1988
45. Pedro Martinez, 1998
44. David Ortiz, 2007
43. Lefty Grove, 1939
42. Dwight Evans, 1981
41. Roger Clemens, 1992
YFSF also has a link to a Tigers blogger's day at an open tryout camp.

1 comment:

tim said...

My excuse for posting now is to remind everyone to turn your clocks forward tonight/tomorrow morning!

On to the real reason I'm posting...chillin' in my old bedroom (Sept-Dec), drinking wine, where I spent many an October night drinking wine and posting on JoS while watching the Sox en route to world series #2 in 4 years! Feeling kind of nostalgic, lol...

(i lived in this house from sept-dec while in girlfriend was at work, now she is back in school and i am at work for the next four months, so shes living here if that makes any sense...)

i'm definitely stoked for this season to begin - gotta get my DirecTV receiver (with NESN) hooked up to the slingbox so I can watch el beisbol up here in waterloo while im at school!