March 14, 2008

Manny Ramirez, Philosopher

Howard Ulman, AP:
"You've got to be a boat knowing where you're going," saith the sage of the Green Monster. "We've got money. We're famous. But you've got to know what you want. ... If we want to repeat, we're going to go and do it. Everything is possible in life. ... Hey, you're the architect of your life. Let me tell you something. We've got so much bad stuff inside, it's up to us to make the best of it." ...
David Ortiz:
He's ready to go this year ... The guy is a machine, man. I have learned so much from Manny since I got here. The guy is prepared to play. I don't care what people say. In this game, to be at the top of the league as a player doesn't come just because you're sleeping at home. You've got to work to get to it. That's why Manny's numbers have always been where they are. ... The good thing that happens to the two of us is that we know each other pretty good, so when he does something wrong, he'll tell me and when I do something wrong, he'll do the same thing. That helps us to figure things out, from one at-bat to another.
Yesterday against the Twins, both Ramirez and Ortiz singled and doubled. Today, Manny hit a two-run home run in the first inning.

[Ramirez] seems very sincere in preaching an optimistic life view, an outlook that has him convinced that the Red Sox will want to keep him next year if he has a great season.

"Not if," he declared. "I'm going to have it. No doubt. Hey, I'm Manny Ramirez."

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hilary said...

hes seriously been reading "the secret" lately. so gotta love him.