March 14, 2008

Clemens Has Family Link To Houston Clinic

A week ago, I posted that IRS agents were investigating Shaun Kelley's weight control clinic "as part of an effort to determine whether Roger Clemens obtained steroids or human growth hormone in the Houston area".

Today, the Daily News reports that
Clemens' stepsister, Bonnie Owens, was a massage therapist at the clinic in 2005 and dated one of Kelley's trainers from 1991-1993.
Also, in that March 7 Times story, Kelley described Clemens as "an acquaintance" who he had met "a couple" of times. Today's Daily News states "Kelley has vigorously denied being a close acquaintance of" Clemens, quoting him as saying: "I do not know Roger Clemens."

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Jack Marshall said...

This stuff is GREAT!! "Law and Order: HGH." And the noose tightens....