March 14, 2008

Theo Gives Credit To Cash

Theo, on catcher Kevin Cash:
I think the staff felt pretty strongly that Cash was prepared to do a better job, and that led to the tough decision today to let Doug go. ... His defensive execution has been really good. I think we knew a lot about that, but seeing him here in Spring Training continuing to call a good game, continuing to receive well, throw well, block well ... And he's very into the advanced scouting part of the game and working with the pitching staff. He's impressed the coaching staff with his ability to do those things.
You never want to evaluate in spring training, but everything counts, from the first day of drills to the games. You don't want to make an evaluation based on one play or one game, but it's just, especially with players well into their 30s, you just try to look and evaluate and make sure their skills are still there. In this camp, the evaluation was that Cash was doing a lot of things right defensively and could handle Wakefield. It was a tough decision, but the right choice for the club overall was Cash. ... We're confident he can do the job.

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