April 13, 2009

Red Sox: Lack Of Timely Hits

Over the course of 162 games, every team will have a run of games in which they look like a bunch of AAA journeymen. However, it's particularly bad when the season begins that way.

Sean McAdam, on Sunday's woes:
Over the last five innings in their defeat to the Los Angeles Angels, the Red Sox stranded eight baserunners, including the potential tying run in scoring position and the potential go-ahead run at first in the ninth inning.

The Sox left the bases full in the eighth, a runner on third in the seventh and runners at the corners in the sixth. ...

The loss was their second one-run setback in the last four days, and both were largely a function of the team's inability to hit with runners on base - particularly with runners in scoring position. ...
Work was horrendous this weekend, so I saw only the first three innings of yesterday's game (plus the last three Sox hitters in the ninth).

Feel free to complain, offer hope, or write off the entire season.


Rev. Luis Leon, of St. John's Church, during an Easter Sunday service attended by President Obama and his family:
I'm a fairly charitable person, but I have to tell you - I hate the Yankees.
It's a universal truth:


redsock said...

This is left over from last week, further to our discussion about pathetic "nicknames":

Joe Maddon: "Overall, I thought Shieldsy wasn't as sharp as he can be, but once again he gives you that opportunity (to win)."
Herald, April 8, 2009

L-girl said...

Feel free to complain, offer hope, or write off the entire season.

Although if you choose the last option, expect to be ripped in comments and game threads for the rest of your days.

Joe Grav said...


FenFan said...

Feel free to... write off the entire season.

What? Write off the season? What is this, 2003? :)

L-girl said...

What is this, 2003?

There's a preview of what you'll hear if you take door number three.

Joe Grav said...

BTW, I'm at Fenway Park right now... in the press box... this is awesome.

In the lounge area there is a HUGE display of all newspaper covers from the '04 and '07 titles, plus a great gallery of old Fenway photos. I wish I had my camera.

Anonymous said...

So far we've got 3 Red Sox games on t.v. up here in AK. Saw my first game this season when we beat the Angels-heart racer. Damn school is eating into our season