April 12, 2010

Blue Jays Fans Giddy With Success

American League East standings, 3:03 AM:
            W   L   PCT   GB 
Blue Jays 5 1 .833 --
Yankees 4 2 .667 1
Red Sox 3 3 .500 2
Rays 3 3 .500 2
Orioles 1 5 .167 4
Nothing out of the ordinary for the first week of a season. If you check back in three weeks or so, things will probably look a bit more like they will in early October.

But up here in Canada, the strong showing by the Blue Jays -- after losing Opening Day, they have won five straight -- has some fans puffed up with pride, strutting around, and talking trash.

One of them left me a message:
Isn't that cute? Toronto's magic number is 156!

So Boston is actually 3-3, not 1-2, and "losses" is spelled with three "s". But when your team is 5-1 and you can't sleep because you know a playoff spot will be there in six months and those stupid Boston fans will be crying in their beer, you can be forgiven some slips of the keyboard.

All us Sox's fans are a bit more experienced with a winning baseball team -- the Jays have finished higher than 3rd place only once in the last 16 years -- so we know not to put a whole lot of stock in the first 4% of the regular season. After all, the Jays went 15-9 last April -- a superb 101-win pace -- but OOPS! they finished with only 75 victories.

Las Vegas oddsmakers put the team's final win total at 68, worse than all but one team in baseball. Mr. Holloway should get in on some of that action. He should be able to cash in well enough to grab a handful of box seats for every single Skydome World Series game.


SoSock said...

Isn't it awful damn unusual for 2 teams to take a day off in the middle of a series?
Seems like standard procedure would be to play Mon, Tue, Wed, and take Thur off.
It just seems weird, I'm not sure I remember the last time this happened

Michael Holloway said...

Just trying to be helpful. :)

Mr. Holloway

Patrick said...

The Blue Jays think their off to a good start, but they're really just flying full speed towards a clean window.


redsock said...

So you got to plug your blog, which I suspected was the main reason for commenting in the first place. However, I regard such activity as spamming (of a lesser degree perhaps) and won't allow it again.

redsock said...

Meant to say giddy in the title, not drunk. But I was hurrying out the door to drive L to Buffalo. Fixed.

Michael Holloway said...

I thought the comment by Zenslinger on the "Giving Ortiz A Chance - Being Reactionary Is The Media's Job" post was hilarious:

"Dan Shaughnessy has a column about the alarming situation as the Sox fall to 1-2".

The article I posted the link to is about the Red Sox.

Like your blog and your writing and the commentors I've read so far.

Thanks for the mention.

Michael Holloway's ad free blog.

L-girl said...

Oh good lord, you made a fool of yourself, now go away quietly, Mr Just Trying To Be Helpful.