April 30, 2010

Lars Anderson Up To Pawtucket

Lars Anderson, 22, has been promoted to Pawtucket. In 17 games for Portland this month, Anderson batted .355 with a 1.086 OPS.

Last year, lefties hit Daniel Bard much better than righties (.866 OPS vs .545). But Bard has been working on his changeup to lefties and those numbers have changed dramatically. So far this season, LHB are 2-for-25 with a .259 OPS. In Toronto, Bard faced three left-handed pinch-hitters in the eighth inning on Wednesday -- each one was the potential tying run -- and struck out all three.

Alan Embree talks about being back in Boston.

Jonathan Papelbon, on the rejuvenating effect of a sweep in Toronto, giving the Red Sox seven wins in their last nine games:
[I]t was good for us to get out of Boston, kind of clear our heads a little bit, get on the road here and win that first game of the series. That was a battle back and forth. [It] set the tone, and we were able to come back and win two close games.
Dustin Pedroia: "We run-prevented the [heck] of them."


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Patrick said...

His profile on soxprospects.com has this boner inducing blurb:

"Hits especially well to the opposite field, but can also pull the ball on occasion. His swing is tailor-made for Fenway."

His MLB comparable is Carlos Delgado.

allan said...

L has already begun composing her "Dear Jacoby" letter.