April 13, 2010

Ortiz Still Struggling, Denies Wrist Injury

David Ortiz denied a report in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune stating that "friends" of Ortiz say his left wrist is hurting.
Don't pay attention to that crap. I'm fine. If I'd have been raking, they wouldn't be saying that.
After not playing on Saturday, Ortiz struck out four times on Sunday, although he was ahead in the count every time up, including 3-0 and 3-1. He fanned two more times yesterday. In 24 plate appearances, Ortiz is hitting .136 and has 10 strikeouts in his last four games.

Dave Magadan says that Ortiz is
for the most part he's getting himself in decent hitters' counts. He just needs to start taking advantage of it. ... When you're a little unsure of the strike zone and have a fear of recognizing the pitches you tend to get a lot of check swings. ... There are some mechanical issues we're still trying to iron out. I think when you are working on things mechanically, your focus isn't 100 percent on the pitches. ... [R]ight now he's probably 70-30 focused.
Also: Opponents have stolen 12 bases in 13 attempts against the Red Sox, including 11 of 12 against Victor Martinez.

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