April 26, 2010

G20: Red Sox 13, Blue Jays 12

Red Sox   - 104 314 000 - 13 18  0
Blue Jays - 006 211 020 - 12 16 0
That was an entertaining evening ... and all wrapped up in a crisp 4:03!
Josh Beckett / Dana Eveland

We will be at Skydome tonight, so a win would be most appreciated.
Scutaro, SS
Pedroia, 2B
Youkilis, 1B
Lowell, 3B
Drew, RF
Varitek, C
Beltre, 3B
Hall, LF
McDonald, CF
I'm fairly certain that Marco Scutaro is now playing the role last filled by Eric Hinske -- the ex-Blue Jays player now in Boston who gets booed like crazy in Toronto, his mere appearance setting off a cascade of displeasure all out of sensible proportion and completely devoid of humour. (At least the days of hearing ever-so-witty comments about Manny's hair are behind me ...)

Daisuke Matsuzaka threw about 70 pitches to Jeremy Hermida, Jonathan Van Every, and coaching assistant Eno Guerrero in a simulated game under the dome this afternoon.

[No idea if Ish will have the thread at the alt site. You could always comment here in a vacuum and I'll post them when I get home!]


redsock said...

Box says the roof is closed. It's a beautiful evening. Idiots.

L-girl said...

Dear Red Sox,

Please win.

Love Always, but you're not making it easy,

L-girl, on behalf of Joy Nation

Edward Lee said...

Right now I am listening to three different audio feeds of the game -- the Toronto feed from MLB.tv, the NESN feed (currently on ESPN because ESPN's LAD-NYM game is in a rain delay). For some reason NESN's Spanish audio feed is also turned on.

Amy said...

I hope they win for you!

I am having serious problems with Blogger on Firefox. Had to open IE. Uch. Not sure what the issue is.

Anyway, enjoy the game!

L-girl said...

Whew, what a crazy see-saw of a game. Thank dog we won!

Plus Bot was Bot-like.


sigh said...

Since I'm English normally I watch the first four or five innings of Sox games during the week before hitting the sack and the whole game at weekends. This week I'm in Boulder, CO for work so for the past three days I've been following the games via the right field scoreboard at Coors Field. Which was a surreal experience tonight, to say the least. 5-0 up and then 5-6 down in the third and my eyebrows were raised. 9-9 in the fifth, 13-10 in the sixth and I was wondering what in the hell was going on. Obviously some crazy stuff, since the game eventually finished shortly before the Rockies game, which started an hour and a half later. Bizarre.

johngoldfine said...

Blogger was all frigged up last night, amy. Since I have two web-based courses on it, its every hiccup is a matter of note and concern around here....

I missed the game: apparently, a crisp 4 hour pitching duel.

Zenslinger said...

I was getting errors from Blogger when I first posted at Ish's site and the first couple comments (using Firefox) but then it calmed down.

Amy said...

Thanks, John and Zen, for the reassurance that it was not just me. It was very annoying!

redsock said...

P.S.: The water is Muddy!!!