April 21, 2010

The Microwave

I wanted to be the hero tonight. ... I wanted to be a spark. I didn't think it was going to happen like this.
Darnell McDonald (after flying from Rochester to Boston, hiding out in a hotel room, and then not having any time for pre-game BP) became the first player to homer in his first Red Sox at-bat since Orlando Cabrera, on August 1, 2004. He's the first Sock to hit a pinch-hit home run in his first Boston at-bat since Curtis Pride in 1997.

The Elias Sports Bureau says McDonald -- nicknamed "The Microwave" by Dustin Pedroia* -- is the first Red Sox player in history to collect a game-ending RBI in his debut with the club. McDonald's ninth inning single also gave the Red Sox their first lead in 56 innings.

Vinnie Johnson of the Detroit Pistons was nicknamed "the Microwave" in 1984 by Danny Ainge of the Celtics for his ability to "heat up in a hurry". FY: "He's the microwave -- instant offense. There's no more Vinnie Johnson. Darnell McDonald. He's the Microwave, OK?" Okay.

McDonald, 31, debuted with the Orioles in 2004, played a bit with the Twins in 2007 and reemerged last year with the Reds; last night was his 69th major league game. "When hard work meets opportunity, things like this happen."

Jason Varitek:
We've been searching for a way to get this crowd involved in some of our games, and out of nowhere we did. I think the change of energy happened with the two-run home run when we finally woke up our crowd. That was a change of energy.
Terry Francona said it was a win the team needed "desperately".Jacoby Ellsbury'd DL trip was made retroactive to April 12, so he would be eligible to play on April 27. He is still having "wrenching pain" and has trouble breathing. "[W]hen I take that deep breath ... when I get my heart rate up, anything like that to really expand the chest. I just get that sharp, sharp pain in there."

Daisuke Matsuzaka makes what will likely be his final rehab start tonight for Pawtucket.


laura k said...

The Microwave was also Luis Sojo's nickname. I wonder if it's a modern baseball tradition.

allan said...

Really? I couldn't find even one link with a connection. Maybe it wasn't very well-known.

The Microwave Game. He scored 22 of the Pistons' 26 points in the 4th quarter to beat the Celtics.

laura k said...

It was very well known at the time. People would come to the Stadium with signs - people put tinfoil around boxes to make fake microwaves and wore them on their heads - they would chant Micro-Wave when Sojo batted.

Gareth said...

That was a fun game to be at. When McDonald first came up my wife turned to me with some concern and pointed out that the odds weren't good for someone who didn't actually have a batting average, but an inning later we were all on our feet as soon as he came up! It seemed like the ball hung in the air for an absolutely agonising age before that reassuring thunk off the wall!

Amy said...

I like the Microwave as a nickname, but it's a bit long. Perhaps Zapper would be easier. (Also the name of the dog we had before Cassie.)

laura k said...

Zapper has a completely different connotation than Microwave - sounds to me more like a pitcher with a stinging fastball. With all respect to your old dog, I think if FY says McD is Microwave, we should go with that.

(I always say "nuke it" for microwaving something. Do you say zap?)

Amy said...

Whatever FY wants is fine with me.

Actually, Zapper has such a personal connotation for me that it would be sort of weird. But Nuke is fine.

(I say zap more than nuke. Nuke to me has other, more negative connotations.)

Amy said...

Hmm, it seems NESN has the hockey game on. Is there some back up for Sox games when they do that?

Amy said...

How do I find NESN Plus on Charter? Anyone know?

Amy said...

Never mind. I found it. Phew.