April 11, 2010

Ellsbury: Rib Contusion, X-Rays Negative

Jacoby Ellsbury was initially worried he had broken a rib or two after colliding with Adrian Beltre in foul territory in the ninth inning on Sunday. Post-game x-rays were negative.
It's sore, but I'll be fine. He kneed me right in the ribs ... I'm sure there's quite a bit of swelling because it is tough to breathe but I think I'll be fine. ... As long as nothing is broken, I guess it's [a matter of] pain tolerance. ... I know it's going to be really sore tomorrow. I also hit my hip pretty good.
Tuesday is an off-day, so the cautious thing to do would be to give Ellsbury the day off tomorrow and see how he feels on Wednesday.


Ish said...

Chan Ho Park tells reporters why he had such a shitty first game of 2010 then pitched 3 scoreless innings in Game 3.

The nicknames that could come out of this.... what to choose?!

tim said...

Saw this, looked nasty - hope this isn't one of those lowrieish injuries that keeps coming up all season

SoSock said...

I really don't like the sound of this. Like Tim said, is this going to be one of those nagging pains all year that affects Laura's boy?
Let's hope not. Maybe a few days off would be a good move