April 4, 2010

Predictions: Globe, Herald, MLB, SI, NYDN

AL East
Abraham     Red Sox, Yankees, Rays
Benjamin    Yankees, Red Sox, Rays
Ryan        Yankees, Red Sox, Rays
Gasper      Rays, Red Sox, Yankees
Mazzarotti  Yankees, Red Sox, Rays
CHB         Rays, Yankees, Red Sox
[Everyone picked 2nd-place ALE team as WC]

World Series
Abraham     Twins over Phillies
Benjamin    Cardinals over Yankees
Ryan        Phillies over Yankees
Gasper      Phillies over Angels
Mazzarotti  Cardinals over Yankees
CHB         Phillies over Yankees
           East     Wild Card  World Series
Silverman  Yankees  Red Sox    Yankees over Atlanta
Tomase     Red Sox  Yankees    Yankees over Rockies
Lauber     Yankees  Red Sox    Yankees over Phillies
Borges     Yankees  Red Sox    Phillies over Yankees
Callahan   Yankees  Red Sox    Mariners over Phillies
Buckley    Yankees  Red Sox    Phillies over Yankees
MLB.com (Mike Bauman, Hal Bodley, Jim Duquette, Peter Gammons, Jeff Nelson):
              Bauman    Bodley    Duquette  Gammons   Nelson
AL East       Yankees   Red Sox   Yankees   Yankees   Yankees
AL WC         Red Sox   Yankees   Red Sox   Red Sox   Red Sox
AL Pennant    Yankees   Red Sox   Red Sox   Red Sox   Yankees
NL Pennant    Phillies  Phillies  Cardinals Rockies   Cardinals
World Series  Phillies  Phillies  Red Sox   Red Sox   Yankees
AL MVP        Mauer     Mauer     Teixeira  Upton     Rodriguez
AL CY         Hernandez Hernandez Lester    Hernandez Hernandez
SI's Joe Lemire previews the AL East:
Yankees     100-62
Rays        95-67
Red Sox     93-69
Orioles     76-86
Blue Jays   64-98
Bill Madden, New York Daily News:
Red Sox     96-66
Yankees     93-69
Rays        88-74
Orioles     78-84
Blue Jays   71-91


9casey said...

To predict the same two teams in the World Series is so lazy. It hasn't happened in over 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Twins over Yankees...WHAT??