July 11, 2010

Beckett At The Bucket

Josh Beckett pitched four innings for Pawtucket today, allowing only two hits and one run. He struck out four batters and did not walk anyone. Of his 68 pitches, 42 were strikes. The PawSox beat Syracuse 2-1.

The Red Sox would like Beckett to make another rehab start this Friday before rejoining the team on the west coast. Looking at the rotation:
Thu 0715 vs Tex - Wakefield
Fri 0716 vs Tex - Buchholz [or Doubront]
Sat 0717 vs Tex - Lackey
Sun 0718 vs Tex - Lester
Mon 0719 at Oak - Matsuzaka
Tue 0720 at Oak - Wakefield
Wed 0721 at Oak - Beckett ?
Thu 0722 at Sea -
Although Wakefield will probably be (yet again) the odd man out, Beckett will not pitch on July 20 (only three days after his rehab start). Maybe Wake goes as scheduled or perhaps (if Buchholz pitched on the 16th) Felix Doubront get another start before heading back to the PawSox whenever Beckett returns.

Beckett's play-by-play today:
1st - Boomer Whiting (bbcbf) 4-3. Pete Orr (fbfbb) PF3. Chase Lambin (bf) 4-3.

2nd - Jason Botts (cbfbbf) K-looking. Kevin Mench (bcs) singled to center. Seth Bynum (ccfb) K-swinging. Chris Duncan (bbb) PF5.

3rd - Leonard Davis (b) 3U. Carlos Maldonado F9. Whiting (bcffbffbff) F8.

4th - Orr (bsfb) K-swinging. Lambin (fbsb) F9. Botts (fb) homered to right. Mench (sbsbf) K-swinging.
Pawtucket got its two runs in the bottom of the first. Ryan Kalish singled, stole second, and scored on Bubba Bell's one-out single. With two outs, Lars Anderson and Mark Wagner both singled, bringing Bell home.
Adrian Beltre left the game in the sixth inning with what was first called a "left hamstring strain", but it may be nothing worse than a cramp.
I thought it was going to be worse. It felt like something was going to pop. It just kind of cramped up ... every time I curl my legs it kind of cramps up.
Beltre said he "should be able to play" in the All-Star Game on Tuesday, but he "won't try to risk anything. If I don't feel good, I won't play."


9casey said...

I don't see that being the rotation after the break, don't you have to move Lester up , we need to get as many starts as possibile out of him and Clay.

redsock said...

It could change, but I'm getting it from Tito.

MLB.com: "If all goes according to plan, Wakefield will receive eight days rest, Buchholz 20, Lackey seven, Matsuzaka eight, and depending on whether or not Lester is used in the All-Star Game, he will pitch on five or nine days' rest -- though it is unlikely he will throw more than two innings in the Midsummer Classic."

I'd say only 1.

tim said...

Beltre out of ASG. Good.

The fewer that play, the better.

My news report (not that it will be read by anyone):

Beltre and Cameron should be fine.

Buchholz back immediately.

Should be MDC back right after the break, hopefully he will stop sucking.

Bowden in the bullpen this weekend.

Victor by next week at this time hopefully.

Beckett in 10 days.

Lowrie sometime in late July (remember that guy?!)

Varitek and Pedroia in August.

Ellsbury and Lowell - ???

Red Sox baseball in mid to late October.

That is all.

Sources: Mostly from here which is from the globe mostly. The rest from the globe and speculation.


In addition to all the above returns, how about we work on this list:

No more injuries, Dice-K continues to not walk batters (and pitches every game like he did in Philly), Oki, RamRam and Lackey stop sucking, Papelbon runs off like 30 straight batters retired and Wake gets a whole ton of run support so even if he does shitty, he'll still get ever-important wins.

Sound like a 2nd half plan?