July 26, 2010

Going To California

We are off this afternoon for California. A couple of days in San Francisco (including a Giants game on Wednesday afternoon!), a family wedding in Sonoma County, and then some time in Yosemite.

Any threads for the next 10 games will be here, courtesy of Ish and Zenslinger.

I have posts G100-G109 scheduled to go up each morning -- feel free to post any news of the day.

We are back on Friday, August 6, just in time for -- Red Sox at Yankees!


Dr. Jeff said...

Are you going to check out any of your fellow Vermonters Phish shows in Berkeley?

redsock said...


Zenslinger said...

I wanted to see Phish but couldn't get tickets.

Ish said...

I will be disappointed when you're not back at 10:10.

Amy said...

Hope you guys have a great time. I have been out of commission myself, being in NY again for a few days. This has been a strange baseball season for me!

Enjoy the Left Coast!