July 20, 2010

Red Sox Ticket For Tomorrow: $20

Zenslinger has an extra ticket for tomorrow afternoon's Red Sox game against the A's. Clay Buchholz returns to the rotation!

All's it'll take is an Andy Jackson to get you in (as the Del Lords once sorta sang). So if you're in the Bay Area, call in sick, email Zen, and meet him at will call.

(There may also be an extra ticket available for the Marlins/Giants game next Wednesday afternoon (July 28) with me, L, and Zen.)


Miti said...

That's awesome!!! You know what? You are living one of my husbands dreams by going to those games at Fenway! Maybe one day.

L-girl said...

Except none of these games are at Fenway.

FenFan said...

I'd love to go except my private jet is in the shop. :-(

Zenslinger said...

Wow, RS might have missed a career as a barker.

Contact him for my cell phone if you see this last minute today, although I will check here until 11am PST.