July 22, 2010

Is Nick Cafardo Incapable Of Learning?

On June 6, I wrote:
In this morning's Globe, Nick Cafardo reveals that he now understands being 8.5 games out with 117 games left to play does not equal mathematical elimination. There is, of course, no guarantee that he will retain that knowledge in 2011 or any other future season.
It turns out he couldn't maintain his grip on that bit of knowledge for even seven weeks.

Cafardo, today's Globe:
The Sox have lost five of seven out of the All-Star break ... They needed to start strong, and didn't. The Yankees and Rays both won yesterday. Might as well not even include the Yankees in the discussion anymore, but the Rays need to be caught ...
Boston is seven games behind the Yankees with 67 games to go*. They play each other ten more times.

* By comparison, after 95 games, the 1978 Yankees were in 4th place, 10.5 GB. And I'll bet any other significant comeback you could name would offer a similar example.

And what is Cafardo's idea to get the Red Sox back on track? Theo Epstein has to "make something happen".

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nick said...

Maybe Theo needs to offer them some Klondike bars.