July 7, 2010

Linescore Of The Day

Cardinals - 003 213 000 -  9 11  1
Rockies - 002 000 109 - 12 19 1
The Rockies became the first team since at least 1918* to score nine runs in the bottom of the ninth and win. Colorado had left 13 men on base through the first eight innings.

* According to STATS LLC's data. I imagine further research will be done re this specific case.Dennys Reyes pitching.
Miguel Olivo singled to center.
Seth Smith lined out to first.
Melvin Mora pinch-hit for Manuel Corpas.
Mora singled to right, Olivo to 3B.
Clint Barmes walked, Mora to 2B.
Ryan Franklin relieves Reyes.
Passed ball by Yadier Molina, Olivo scored, Mora to 2B, Barmes to 2B.
Chris Iannetta homered, Mora scored, Barmes scored, Iannetta scored.
Dexter Fowler doubled to right.
Brad Hawpe pinch-hit for Jonathan Herrera.
Hawpe grounded out to shortstop, Fowler to 3B.
Coaching visit to mound.
Carlos Gonzalez singled to right, Fowler scored.
Jason Giambi singled to right, error by Randy Winn, Gonzalez scored.
Aaron Cook pinch-ran for Giambi.
Olivo singled to right, Cook to 3B.
Seth Smith homered, Cook scored, Olivo scored, Smith scored.

Baseball's crazy, even stupid sometimes. ... I don't even know what just happened. ... You go from, "Let's not give any at-bats away" to "Good try" to "Oh, wait, we can do this." And finally to, "What just happened?"
On May 20, Atlanta also rallied from six runs down in the bottom of the ninth, scoring seven times and beating the Reds 10-9.


Michael Holloway said...

I ain't over 'till it's...

Go Jays GO!


redsock said...

Go Jays GO!

Hopin' for single digits GB!
Magic 8-ball says "very doubtful".