July 1, 2010

Sox Trade For Kevin Cash

The no-hit catcher returns for his second tour of duty as the Red Sox have sent infielder Angel Sanchez to Houston.

Cash played in 73 games for Boston in 2007 and 2008, batting .207/.297/.308. After hitting .204 for the Astros this season, he was designated for assignment on June 23 and outrighted to the minors.

Cash is utterly unable to hit a baseball or get on base. Over eight seasons, he has batted .188, with a .250 OBP and a .291 SLG.


RedSoxDiehard said...

Cash is utterly unable to hit a baseball or get on base.

This actually makes me feel better!

I was picturing the semi-serviceable Kevin Cash circa 2008, and I was thinking that we were going to need another police escort to get him to Fenway in time for Wake's start tomorrow. I wondered why they would trade for a guy if they only needed him for 15 days. Did that mean V-Mart was worse than I thought? And then I saw PeteAbe's update:

Jason Varitek left Wednesday's game before the ninth inning. No injury was mentioned post-game, but we're checking that possibility. ... Presumably he will replace either Gustavo Molina or Jason Varitek on the roster tomorrow.

Is something wrong with Tek? With the team off, he had his charity "putt-putt" tournament today. My friend got to go, and she said he was visibly limping, and at one point mentioned there was no way he'd make it up some big flight of stairs with his knee the way it was. I hope I'm wrong, but now I'm worried about Tek.

Though the fact that Cash was DFA'd makes me feel better. Maybe they don't intend to go with Cash/Molina for 2 weeks. Maybe they just plan to stash him in Pawtucket just in case.

RedSoxDiehard said...

Crap. It's his foot.

Voltaire's Ghost said...

I thought it was the other kind of cash for a minute. That might have been a better idea.