July 19, 2010

Red Sox Head West For 10 Games

The Red Sox won 14 of 19 games from June 11 to July 3 -- and were a half-game out of first place. Then they lost four games in a row, losing one game in the standings every day.

Boston has lost eight of its last 11 games and have fallen back to 6.5 GB. The rollercoaster continues
May 17   19-20   8.5 GB
June 17 40-28 2.0 GB
July 3 49-32 0.5 GB
July 19 52-40 6.5 GB
with some reinforcements set to return while the team visits Oakland, Seattle and Anaheim:

Clay Buchholz pitches on Wednesday in Oakland.

Josh Beckett will pitch on Friday in Seattle.

Jeremy Hermida joins Pawtucket tomorrow for a couple of games. He may rejoin the team in Seattle, where the Red Sox begin a four-game series on Thursday.

Victor Martinez says his left thumb is still sore, but he played catch before Sunday's game.

(Down in New York, Andy Pettitte, the Yankees' best pitcher this season, will be out 4-6 weeks with a groin tear and A.J. Burnett is busy perfecting his Kevin Brown impersonation.)


tim said...

We got this shit. No worries.

PA had some good musings as well, including this snippet from Francona:

"How do I feel? I feel like I always feel, pack our bags and go play," he said. "I don’t think it ever changes. I don’t know if I really feel any different. Hope they have good food on the plane."

redsock said...

They are going to play the games. We can follow along or not.

tim said...

Dice in Oakland tonight. Gonna make a stop at starbucks and pick up a bag of the extra bold on the way home!

westcoastsox said...

Am pondering going to Tuesday night's game, but the pitching matchup Dallas Braden v. Tim Wakefield doesn't appeal to me much. Would have to play hooky to see HH on Weds. Pondering.

L-girl said...

God I hate when the team is out west. I'll miss almost every game of this whole stand! I can't even watch the Weds day game as I normally would because of a previous commitment. Bah!

When all I get is a score and a recap, I feel so disconnected.

L-girl said...

They are going to play the games. We can follow along or not.

Still, we sit.

buffwarrior said...

I tried to get tickets for Mariners/Sox game on a Sunday but couldn't find 5 tickets together. I tell you that Sox Nation is strong in the West. I was sitting with my son at Sox game in Seattle last year and the "take me out to the ball game was playing" and the song went "root root root for the RED SOX!" was so predominantly shouted that I just laughed. There were so many more Red Sox hats then Mariners. I'm really optimistic that the Sox will get back on their winning ways.

Amy said...

I will miss most of these games also. My family is here on the Cape, and staying up late to watch baseball is just not on the agenda. Perhaps I will sneak in an inning or two.

GO SOX! Perhaps when they come back east, the team will have more "familiar" names in the lineup.

redsock said...

game in Seattle

aka Fuckin' Amazing Grilled Salmon Sandwich Park.

Love that place.