December 25, 2010

Centennial Field

The Red Sox will soon celebrate a century of baseball in Fenway Park. The 100th season will be 2011, but the festivities will not happen until 2012.

Assuming management knows this, are they choosing to focus on the simple 1912 + 100 = 2012 arithmetic or will they say they are marking 100 completed seasons by whooping it up throughout 2012?

And: Alex Speier looks at how Carl Crawford might age throughout his Red Sox contract.


laura k (aka L-girl) said...


Jere said...

They had the 75th anniversary patch in '87, so going by that, all celebrations would wait till '12. But you'd think they would at least mention this coming April 2011 that it's the 100th Opening Day at Fenway. But maybe they're just not thinking of it like that at all.