September 19, 2011

Crawford: I'm Sorry For The Year I've Had

Carl Crawford, in his recent diary entry at ESPNBoston, tells Red Sox fans that
I'm sorry for the year I've had. You guys have been really supportive and I appreciate that. Hopefully when we get into these playoffs, I can be the real Carl Crawford that I know I am. We'll see. ...

Ortiz said recently he thought we should panic. I try not to panic at all. But as you're coming to the end of the regular season, you definitely get a little worried. You definitely have to worry a little bit. ... If Tampa makes a miracle comeback and takes the wild card from us, I will be devastated.
After Saturday's game, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reported that Adrian Gonzalez's surgically repaired right shoulder was "weak" and "tired" and that discomfort in the shoulder had prevented the first baseman from taking on-field pre-game batting practice.

Terry Francona pointed out that Gonzalez has been "taking BP every other day on the field for about a month and a half. ... [Fox] could have announced it in July ... [T]hat's not entirely an big surprise." As far as Gonzalez's shoulder, Tito said, "I don't feel the need to announce every single bump and bruise and inadequacy that we have. That's not going to help us win at all."

Evil Bert, who went 0-for-12 (with three walks) in the Rays series, dropping his September batting average to .271 (though he does have a .977 OPS), acknowledged that he doesn't feel right at the plate:
I'm swinging at pitches I shouldn't be swinging at. I'm not mechanically right ... I'm just trying to get too overaggressive and trying to make things happen instead of just taking walks.
Clay Buchholz's next two side sessions are set for tomorrow and Thursday. ... Bobby Jenks talked about his lost season.

I read this at Fox Sports: "Ellsbury is the only player this season with 100 runs, 90 RBI, 25 homers and 30 stolen bases — and one of only 20 players in history to reach those marks." It's not true. Ryan Braun and Matt Kemp have also reached those totals this year, and there are now 48 players who have done so since 1901. However, Ellsbury is only the 13th player in AL history.

Mike Aviles is hitting .361/.373/.458 since joining the team (75 PA):
Anytime you're up, you're up. We're not down. We haven't played the best of ball, but we're not down. We're still up. Anytime you have a lead, you should be in that driver's seat. You shouldn't be in the back seat.
I choose to believe, knowing the guys down in the clubhouse like I do.
Jonathan Papelbon:
[E]very game from here on out we have to start sending messages, not only to other teams but to our own team, and start getting that confidence flow as a team. ... We have to start finding our identity, and the only way we're going to do that is play one out, one play at a time, and gain confidence with each play. And if we can find that identity and peak at the right time, we'll be unstoppable.


Amy said...

Did he really say UNSTOPPABLE??

allan said...

Yes. Check the link. That's why I included it.

Amy said...

LOL! I just wish they were playing like that right now. Losing 6-5 to the Orioles does not make them seem unstoppable....