September 26, 2011

TMZ: Lackey Divorcing Cancer-Battling Wife

In his post-game comments last night, John Lackey was extremely testy, expressing anger and disbelief at a text message he said he received shortly before he took the mound.
Let me tell you the truth. Thirty minutes before the game, I got a text message on my cellphone from one of you ... somebody in the media, talking about personal stuff. And I shouldn't even be standing up here having to deal with this. I'm sitting here listening to music. I don't know who got my phone number, but that's over the line.
There were several tense moments when no one in the crowd around his locker said a word. Lackey added: "This is unbelievable I've got to deal with this."

I think we now know who sent the message. This morning, TMZ reported that on August 30, Lackey filed for divorce from his wife, Krista, who has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer. She underwent a double mastectomy in March.

It is important to stress that we have no facts about this story. While this looks like (and may very well be) Gingrichian behaviour from the Lemon - who has been contemptable in so many ways over the last two years - it is also possible that their marriage was falling apart before she was diagnosed with cancer.

Back in May, Lackey said, bluntly, "Everything in my life sucks right now."

Then there is a whole line of jokes about Red Sox fans fervently wishing they could divorce John Lackey.


laura k said...

Back in May, Lackey said, bluntly, "Everything in my life sucks right now."

Back in May... when we dicussed this on JoS, I said that having a wife diagnosed with cancer shouldn't be an insurmountable obstacle to pitching. At the time, we didn't know Lackey's wife had had a double mastectomy, or IIRC, even that it was breast cancer - just a cancer diagnosis.

I was, to put it mildly, in the minority on this.

I have tremendous sympathy for her, of course. For him? Nope.

In other news, TMZ and their ilk are disgusting.

laura k said...

Correction: it wasn't the cancer diagnosis I was heartless about. Someone commented that Lackey's wife lost a pregnancy. I have even less sympathy now.

Zenslinger said...

I agree that no one should draw any conclusions about what's going on in his personal life. We have no idea what the relationship is between the cancer and divorce. Even if he is just a dick, that doesn't make his suffering any less than any of ours. And he did get his ass on straight last night after the first.

I read Cafardo's mailbag. I read the whole thing. Too many laughable dumbass statements in it (from Nick and from writers) to quote individually, but check when he compliments a writer by saying, "You have a great mind for baseball."

Maxwell Horse said...

Hmm. I wonder if this news will help his image with the fans. Hmmm...

allan said...

I have been cited in the Times.