September 9, 2011

Youkilis In Boston Getting Sore Hip Examined

While the Red Sox travelled from Toronto to Tampa Bay, Kevin Youkilis flew to Boston for an MRI on one of his hips. (WEEI annoyance Dale Arnold tweeted early this afternoon that Yook was a passenger on his flight back to Boston.)

Which hip? Well, the Boston Globe can't quite figure that out.

Nick Cafardo says it's the right hip.

Peter Abraham says it's the left hip.

The Globe had the same confusion concerning Jarrod Saltalamacchia's leg last August. Yet they - and the rest of the Boston media - laughed at Manny Ramirez for years for something similar that, from the available evidence, never actually happened.


GK said...

considering how self-absorbed NC is, I would'nt be surprised if he was wrong but justified by saying "it was to my right, so it is the right hip"

allan said...

Who has what right now?

Michael Silverman, Herald: Left hip.

Gordon Edes, ESPNBoston: "hip problems off and on ... underwent an MRI ... The left hip has never fully healed ..."

Tim Britton, ProJo: "some sort of medical evaluation" Nothing.

allan said...

Based on two other reports, plus Nick's legendary lack of effort at his job, I would say you are right.

So: "When stories differ, Cafardo is wrong."