September 3, 2011

Derek Lowe, 38, Hits The First Home Run Of His Life

Derek Lowe hit his first major league home run on Wednesday night - and the ball made it back to the dugout before he did!
That was fun, I'm not going to lie to you. I've never hit a home run – ever, since I was a Little Leaguer. That's the first ball I've hit over a fence in 38 years of existence. The home runs I'd hit as a kid, they'd just roll and they'd kick it around. But I've never hit a ball, ever, over a fence.
Lowe was leading off the bottom of the third inning, and he hit the 8th pitch of the at-bat (bbbccff).

The home run came in Lowe's 425th major league at-bat (and 522nd plate appearance). He's the third pitcher since 1900 to hit his first home run at age 38 or older (all three guys went deep in the third inning!):

               AGE   TEAM   OPP   PITCHER      DATE
Preacher Roe   38    LAD    PIT   Bob Hall     July 7, 1953 (G2)
               Top of 3rd, 1 out, 0 on, 1-0 count

Randy Johnson  40    ARZ    MIL   Doug Davis   September 19, 2003
               Top of 3rd, 1 out, 0 on, 2-0 count

Derek Lowe     38    ATL    WAS  John Lannan   August 31, 2011
               Bottom of 3rd, 0 out, 0 on, 3-2 count

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