September 11, 2011

Ortiz: "At This Point, You Panic"

David Ortiz wants to say a few words.

The Red Sox have lost five straight games (the team's worst skid since the start of the season), seven of eight, and nine of 11. Should we panic?

Flo says: Hell, yeah!
You go on this road trip 1-6 -- it's not good. We've got these guys breathing down our necks and we're not in first place either. We've got to come back and play better, though. ...

[A]t this point you panic. You've got to panic at this point. But you're not going to do anything panicking but playing better. Of course you're freaked out. ... [T]he past three days, [the Rays] look like they have no pressure on themselves. That makes a huge difference.


Dr. Jeff said...

This is very different from his old friend Manny's perspective.

laura k said...

Whatever works for him.

I have no doubt that the Sox will play baseball well into October. Therefore I have no reason to panic.

allan said...

He's said similar things in the past. If panicking makes him concentrate and play better, then panic!

9casey said...

The way the schedule shakes out anything can happen, but one thing is for sure the Red Sox will determine if they make the playoffs or not , with 4 in Fenway with Tampa next week.

And the Yankees still have 7 left with Tampa.

It should be fun..

And Beckett has to come back for that Tampa series.

9casey said...

And is there anyway Clay hops on a white horse?

Amy said...

I am not panicking, but sure as hell am unhappy and pissed off.

tim said...

I have no doubt that the Sox will play baseball well into October.

This post originally started with a disagreement, but after looking at the numbers and schedule, I now agree with you.

The Rays have been rolling for a month now. If they continue to play .700 ball, as they have in their past 30 games, thats 11.9 more wins, 12 out of their remaining 17 games.

They will finish with a 93-69 record.

To best that, the Red Sox have to win 9 of their remaining 16 games, a .562 percentage. They are at .582 to date, so obviously, the percentages are in our favour.

Remaining schedules:
7 vs. NYY (4V, 3H)
3 vs. BOS (3V)
3 vs. TOR (3H)
3 vs. BAL (3V)

3 vs. NYY (3V)
3 vs. TB (3H)
2 vs. TOR (2H)
7 vs. BAL (4H, 3V)

So if Boston can do work on TB at home and TOR/BAL can each steal a game from them, then they can go 6-1 vs. MFY and still be out, as long as the sox dummy Baltimore and get their winning swagger back this week, at home vs. the Jays.

As was said by 9c, next weekend vs. TB is huge.

Of course, the ultimate dream is that the Yankees totally stagger down the stretch and both Boston and TB get in, leaving MFY in front of their TV sets on September 30th.

laura k said...

Thanks, Tim and 9Casey. I'm confident and I'm psyched. And just to be certain, maybe A & I will pick up a bottle of Jack Daniel's tonight in anticipation of the playoff ritual.