September 6, 2011

Oh My!

Time To Get Rid Of Theo Epstein
By Peter Osgood, Over The Monster, September 2, 2011

It is time for the Red Sox to bite the bullet and admit the mistake of having Epstein in its employ. Epstein has made a host of bonehead moves that have cost the Sox dearly and in the process raised ticket prices. One day people will realize Japanese starting pitchers never do well in MLB. Matzuzaka cost the Sox over $200 million and what have they gotten? A single good year. JD Drew has been the underperformer of the decade and what has he cost? $14 million a year. He has batted .261 in his 5 years with the Sox. Maybe Epstein should have given that $14 million to Jason Bay and said good-bye to Drew. The Red Sox used to beat up on Lackey when he was with the Angels. Didn't Epstein get the memo that you go after guys who beat you and not the other way around? He's another overpaid underperformer. In past years we had a high priced Julio Lugo who did what for us? The time and money invested in these players would have been much better spent in developing prospects in the Red Sox farm system. It's time for a change at the top.
Wow. That is his entire argument, by the way. The only players cited with respect to Epstein's performance during his entire time with the Red Sox -- since November 2002 -- are Matsuzaka, Drew, Lackey, and Lugo!

Several comments are quite hilarious. One poster notes: "I wouldn't mind a radical viewpoint backed up with stats, but every single one of this guy's points and facts were fallacious and nonsensical."

Indeed. Dice has not cost the Sox $200 million, though he did help the team win the 2007 World Series. Drew has not been anywhere near the underperformer of the decade. Plus Osgood uses batting average - and only batting average! - to make his case. Give the same $$$ to Jason Bay? The guy who has hit .245 (16 points lower than Drew, as long as average is our yardstick) since leaving Boston? Also, Bay has slugged a paltry .375 post-Red Sox; Marco Scutaro is slugging .376 this year!

I believe that Theo fanned on Lackey, though the deal has not yet run its course, so it remains possible that Lackey could run into a full season of tremendous good luck and redeem himself somewhat. And "I (still) blame Lugo", but there has never been a GM in baseball history who has not made a few gaffes. (Not surprisingly, Osgood offers no suggestion for the next GM.) ... Epstein also signed David Ortiz, Bill Mueller, and Kevin Millar on the cheap, and worked a trade for Curt Schilling. Those signings and trade worked out pretty well.

Epstein should have spent some time developing prospects? I guess Mr. Osgood has not heard of:
Jacoby Ellsbury
Dustin Pedroia
Kevin Youkilis
Daniel Bard
Jonathan Papelbon
Jon Lester
Clay Buchholz
Josh Reddick
Jed Lowrie
or Felix Doubront, Ryan Kalish, and several other promising players still in the minors. Or past prospects like Manny Delcarmen and Justin Masterson, or Hanley Ramirez (who was traded for 2007 WS cogs Beckett and Lowell) or the four prospects who netted Adrian Gonzalez. ... Yeah, imagine what Theo could have done if he had bothered spending any time on developing the farm system!


SoSock said...

Gee. I've always kinda respected the opinions at Over The Monster. Not that I check them out on a regular basis, but they have always seemed pretty knowledgable when I do. But this doesn't seem well thought out at all. I personally give Epstein a lion's share of the credit for bringing the long-awaited "good times" to Boston. Maybe it's just me.....

Amy said...


allan said...

I've always kinda respected the opinions at Over The Monster. Not that I check them out on a regular basis, but they have always seemed pretty knowledgable when I do.

It is a very good site.

But, remember, the 2004 team was totally awesome even though Cesar Crespo was on it for a little while (holy shit -- 52 games!!).

allan said...

Maybe it's just me.....

Yeah, it's just you.

And anyone else with a functioning brain.

9casey said...

And if you are really gonna pick on Epstein, how do you not mention Gagne, Renteria , and Pena?

His farm system work though in my opinion is his strong point.

Rabbi Elie Estrin said...

Two paltry World Series victories. That's all! Any other GM would have netted us at least 15 in those 7 years!

Patrick said...

Huroki Kuroda is pretty fucking good at pitching in the MLB.

Benjamin said...

Youkilis was drafted under Duquette, not Epstein. You can probably give Epstein some credit for not trading him away, though.

laura k said...

So we're sure this isn't something along the lines of Allan's "This Pitch Concerns His Desire To Play"? I.e. satire?