May 16, 2007

Drew Out Tonight; Beckett Progressing

Terry Francona, in an interview this afternoon on WEEI, said JD Drew was feeling alright after slamming his back into the low bullpen wall in right field, but that Wily Mo Pena would start tonight against lefty Mike Maroth.

Mike Lowell:
They made the fence a perfect height to ruin your back. It's not high enough where you can run into, but it's low enough where you feel you can make a play. ... It looks like he hit right in the middle of his back.
Josh Beckett turned 27 yesterday and threw a bullpen session. Beckett wore a bandage on the tip of his middle finger and threw only fastballs and changeups. The consensus in the papers is that Beckett will not make his scheduled start Friday night against Atlanta.

The Sox have sought the advice of a burn specialist from Mass. General Hospital to possibly suggest a method to close the cut and prevent it from returning.

The Sox do not appear to be overly concerned about a long-term problem, but they are expected to play this one cautiously in hopes Beckett doesn't have to miss considerable time as he did in Florida.
If his minor league starts go well, the Texas Con Man may make his 2007 debut on May 28 in Toronto. His second start would likely come in Boston June 2 or 3.

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