May 4, 2007

G28: Red Sox 2, Twins 0

Wakefield is still receiving meager run support, but he didn't need much assistance tonight. (box)

David Ortiz's moonshot to deep right (#8), over the big baggie wall, broke a 0-0 tie in the sixth. Boston added a run in the ninth on J.D. Drew's triple and Coco Crisp's single. (Alex Cora was 3-for-3 (2 singles, 1 triple) and is hitting .406!)

Wakefield (7-3-0-3-2, 93) picked up the win (with JC Romero, Brendan Donnelly and Jonathan Papelbon in relief). Silva (7-5-1-2-1, 96) was the hard luck loser.

Linescore from New York:
Mariners - 012 380 100 - 15 20 0
Yankees - 501 200 300 - 11 16 0
The Devil Rays and Blue Jays also lost, while the Orioles won. All four teams in the East trail the Sox by 6.5 games.


Tim Wakefield (2.59) / Carlos Silva (3.10), 8 PM


Sean said...

Holy crap, the Yankees pitching is ridiculous. Mike Myers threw 4 freaking innings. The shocking thing? Torre didn't use Scott Proctor.

We win, Yanks lose. Cleveland lost, but i'll deal. Philly's up 2-0 on the gaints. 3 out of 4 ain't bad.

Zenslinger said...

As a Sox fan, you could feel some kind of satisfaction out of winning 2-0 if the Yanks had WON 15-11 rather than lost.

I'm sure he'll still have his ups and downs, but I feel like shit for the times I doubted Wakefield.

s1c said...

Timmy loves the Domes. I saw where Myers threw the 4 innings, the thing that is hurting the Yankees is not just their bullpen though. Yankees were ahead at one time 6 - 0 and they still lost because Igawa was terrible (typical - Cy freaking Young vs Sox sucks against everyone else). As much as callers were panicing on WEEI about Daisuke it could be worse we could have Igawa.

Looking ahead I see that Santana is only 3 and 4 vs the Sox. That just blows me away, the man is 81 and 33 overall, yet the always make it interesting against him.

With Tavarez pitching the Sox are 2 and 2. Since SL has gone up against the #1 or #2 pitcher (depending on how you want to classify Wang), to have a 500 record when your 5th starter is going is great.

Game at 7:10 tonight boys and girls. Don't be late!!!