May 30, 2007


The Yankees made it official last night: Roger Clemens will not make his return to the majors this weekend against the Red Sox.
Torre: "I'm not disappointed that he's not pitching at Fenway." ... Neither is he, Joe. Neither is he.

To anyone going to the games this weekend: Now is the time to bust out the "WHERE IS RAH-GER?" chant from the 1999 ALCS. ... Make it so.

Torre: "We'd obviously be tempted if we had a kid pitching and we could replace him with Roger Clemens, but we have Wang, Moose and Andy."

Torre: "It's not going to be in Boston because I can't see who I'd dump."

Yup, he's a #4 starter.

Friday: Wang / Wakefield
Saturday: Mussina / Schilling
Sunday: Pettitte / Beckett


Jackie said...

I believe this clip sums things up appropriately:

chief said...

...sigh. I miss the Bluths.

thatdietcokegirl said...

press: are the yankees chickens?

joe: yes.

lol just sayyyy it. say it!! ;p cause it cannot be altered to look any other way, man. yr so scaredy and it's so funny that yr paying a dude, what, 7500 a pitch? to not pitch. *cackle*

Jackie said...

...sigh. I miss the Bluths.

Don't we all. Sigh.