May 13, 2007

History Lesson, CHB-Style

I want to make JoS a CHB-free zone. I try, I really do, but ...

From today's column:
Schilling has the best strikeout-walk ratio (4.37-1) among all major league pitchers since 1900. Think about that. Better than Tom Seaver. Better than Warren Spahn. Better than Mr. "We Don't Need Him."
Odd choices. Why Seaver, Spahn and Clemens?

The Top 10 since 1900:
Curt Schilling   4.37
Pedro Martinez 4.28
Ben Sheets 4.03
Roy Oswalt 3.72
Doug Jones 3.68
Johan Santana 3.68
Jon Lieber 3.67
Bret Saberhagen 3.64
Mike Mussina 3.56
Rick Reed 3.40
Seven of the Top 10 are active pitchers. You'd think that might be worth mentioning, but to do that, you'd have to know that the list exists and you'd have to know where to find it. But Bozo does not know these things.

Clemens (2.97) is 22nd all-time; Seaver (2.62) is 44th.

And according to Baseball Reference, Spahn (1.80) is 344th, but that includes pre-1900 pitchers. So he's likely in the Top 300 -- barely ahead of Steve Trachsel (1.78).

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