May 2, 2007

No 2B Platoon, No Clemens, No Worries

Terry Francona will not platoon Dustin Pedroia (.172/.294/.224) and Alex Cora (.360/.429/.800) at second base.
We try to play Cora on days where we think he's got some history there or something. I don't know if you want to just start platooning a young kid. ... We don't want to pigeonhole a young kid after 45-50 at-bats [58, actually, and 147 if you include last fall]. ...

[W]e're trying to have a little broader view than just today. Me and Theo have had this conversation enough. My responsibility is to try to do what's right. This kid is having a tough enough time right now. I don't want to add to it. ... But again, we have a need. We want to help this kid out. Going with the hot hand is the easy thing to do and I'm not sure it's the right thing to do, 50 at-bats into this kid's [first] major league season.
Cora is hitting well at the moment, but let's remember that in August and September of last season, Cora hit .179/.227/.232. ... In 10 seasons, his stats are .245/.311/.349. (Plus his brother looks like a weasel.)

Julian Tavarez, future scout (or janitor):
I don't think we need him [Clemens]. We don't need him. We've got some young guys down there who can do it, too. We've got Kason Gabbard, Jon Lester, a guy who is 22 years old who can bring it. This guy is going to be a Sandy Koufax some day. ... What I want or what they are going to do is different. It's just the way I see it. We don't need this. ... I'm ready for anything. I'll do anything. If they say clean the office I'll go clean the office.
I brushed off last night's loss as annoying, but nothing to worry about. A big reason is that Francona did everything right. Schilling went seven and then Tito called on Okajima and Papelbon. What more could you ask for? When it went to the 10th, he used Donnelly. Francona made the right decisions, but Papelbon and Donnelly didn't do their jobs. I can accept that. But a manager who does not put his team/players in the best position to win makes my blood boil.

Manny Ramirez's eighth-inning single was his 1,000th hit with the Red Sox. He is the 14th player to have 1,000 hits with two teams (1,086 with Cleveland). ... In his last seven games, Coco Crisp has hit .393 (11-for-28). ... After Papelbon's rough outing last night, some SoSHers are wondering if he may be hurt.

Contest Update (Wed. 11 AM): All dates in May and June are taken. ... After that, everything is available except for July 4, July 12 and September 30.


Sean O said...

Is it just me, or has Tavarez turned into the most entertaining player on this team? He went from the sullen psycho who bashed gays in San Francisco and punched out Joey Gathright to team spokesman. His friendship with the Papelbot and Matsuzaka seals it.

Long live Tavarez. Now if only he could pitch.

Jim said...

Yeah, them's the breaks. One positive thing is that Tito used 3 different guys in high-lev. situations and none were named Timlin.

allan said...

Is it just me, or has Tavarez turned into the most entertaining player on this team?

It's not just you.

s1c said...

Sexy Lips is quickly taking the Kevin Millar role on this team. You never hear one player complain about Julian.

As for Coco ever since Toronto when they moved him into the #2 slot and he got 2 hits he has been rolling. In his first 10 games Coco was hitting .111 with a .179 OBA and .167 slugging percantage. Since then his numbers are .361/.405/.486.

Plus did you see that catch Coco made!!!

allan said...

I'm betting SL had a positive change of meds.

laura k said...

(Plus his brother looks like a weasel.)

Weasel!!! A former nemesis of mine. Alex Cora is Weasel, Jr.

I'm betting SL had a positive change of meds.

And you heard it here (from me) first.

I agree, he's become this season's Millar, without the tortured facial hair.

thekobrakommander said...

I think thecincinattikid's take on Julian Tavarez is pretty accurate. Lester is not even close to being the next Sandy Koufax.

allan said...

Of course it's a silly comparison. Though for 5 years, 1956-1960, Koufax was right around league average. Then he became Koufax.

Perhaps Sexy Lips meant he would be a distinguished-looking older gentlemen in a suit.