May 20, 2007

Roger Is A Yankee -- And A Dodger

Chad Finn, Touching All The Bases:
If Roger Clemens fulfills the media's daydream-du-jour and makes his first '07 start at Fenway Park in the Sox/Yanks series June 1-3, I'll order one of his wife's unbelievably tacky sequined Yankees jean jackets ... and wear the "bedazzled" disaster to work every day until the AL East is clinched. My point: Why does everyone forget that a season debut against the Sox is just the kind of high-pressure event that Roger historically dodges?
Nick Cafardo writes that the Yankees may speed up Fat Billy's minor league stint before they fall further out of contention. He may debut against Toronto.

If he starts either of the first two games (May 28 or 29) of that series, he'll be in line to face the Red Sox. If he starts the last game of the Blue Jays series (May 30), he'll miss the series.

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