March 19, 2008

Francona Talks About Dispute

BostonSportZ has a ESPN's five-minute, in-game interview with Terry Francona.
Blue Jays - 000 000 040  - 4  9  0
Red Sox - 003 000 000 - 3 3 0
Kevin Youkilis belted a three-run home run, but Hideki Okajima faltered in the eighth (the recap says that CF Reid Engel lost a ball in the sun that fell for a three-run double). Coco Crisp and Dustin Pedroia singled for Boston's other two hits. Ococ also threw out Vernon Wells at the plate. Box.

Boston finished the Grapefruit League with a 7-11-2 record. Next game: Saturday morning in Tokyo against the Hanshin Tigers.


Jere said...

I was watching this live, and I just remember thinking how great Tito was at doing these things, totally comfortable as usual. When they came back for the next inning, one of the announcers said, "Tito sounded a little stressed." I didn't agree with that--obviously he just went through that ONE stressful situation--even saying until then it was the quietest spring training ever. Yet the guy who posted this says the exact same line! "Tito sounded a little stressed to me." Even if your opinion is exactly in tune with the announcer, get your own line at least. Nevertheless I'm glad he posted it because Tito did a great job.

nick said...

I left for a meeting and missed every run in the game. Came back to see the bottom of the 9th. Looks like Jeemer's outing was pretty unpleasant. oCoC on the assist? sounds pretty good.

Looking forward to some regular season games where the opposition will be undoubtedly crushed (in an affirming way, of course).

Jere said...

Crazy 8th. After Okaj. left with the bases loaded, high fly ball to center. Young Reid Engel can't see it. It lands behind him. All three score, as it was a 3-2 pitch with two outs. Guy ends up on second and the Jays lead 4-3. Next batter singles to center, and Engel throws him out at the plate.

Then in top nine, Fasano gets hit by Pap. On the 13th pitch of the next at bat, Sal steals second. But as the next guy strikes out, the cacther guns it down to second, picking off Fasano.

So it was an "Even Steven" day. Except for the Red Sock who came in the game to pinch run--and was picked off before a pitch was thrown...

Zenslinger said...

Here's the SF Chronicle's article on the A's POV of the strike. Sorry, too tired to do the proper linkage:

I ranted on events of my day having resonance with the Sox' labor dispute in the longer thread below if anyone wants to read a rant.