March 15, 2008

Hank: Don't Mess With Us!

Hank Steinbrenner, on his team's recent brawls with Tampa and the subsequent fines and suspensions (my emphasis):
"There are going to be problems, especially if they go after our stars. It's not going to be tolerated. We never have done it to them. It's just not going to happen anymore. ...

"All I can tell you is that I will support everything he [Joe Girardi] does, and that will never change. ...

"I don't want these teams in general to forget who subsidizes a lot of them, and it's the Yankees, the Red Sox, Dodgers, Mets. I would prefer if teams want to target the Yankees that they at least start giving some of that revenue sharing and luxury tax money back."
Wow. What a moron!

Yankee beat writer/blogger Peter Abraham says Shelley Duncan slid into Akinori Iwamura at second
like he's Bruce Lee. ... He took off for second knowing he would be out. The throw beat him by five feet and he slid in with his right foot as high as it could go. The umpire ejected him immediately ... If somebody from Tampa Bay had done that to Cano, you'd all [NYY fans] be losing your minds.
(Abrahams on MFY fans cheering the "new" tough Yankees here.)

Here's the slide (turns out Wheat Thins tried to give Iwamura a vasectomy with his left foot):

Oh yeah, that's a clean play.

Video here and here.


Patrick said...

After seeing the footage of Elliot Johnson plowing into the Cervellio, I understand why the Yankees got pissed. That was a pretty gnarly tackle.

I like gomes' bear style fighting. I love the body language on Duncan through the whole ordeal at second: Why am I being ejected? Why was I just attacked? I'm just innocent Shelly Duncan.

redsock said...

If that home plate collision was during the season, we wouldn't think twice at it (like Hinske running over Dumbo). That it happened during an exhibition game makes it different; I guess the MFY (since they are busy giving playing time to show biz types) think you're not supposed to try in those games.

Yeah, Duncan shows he was an honor roll student at A-Rod "Who Me? What'd I Do"? School of Response When You've Eff'd Up And Been Caught.

redsock said...

Is Hank implying that Duncan is one of the team's stars?

SoSock said...

Is Hank implying that Duncan is one of the team's stars?

I picked up on that too. If Duncan is his idea of a star, I guess he thinks Jeter and Ass-Rod are gods.

SoSock said...

Mr. Hanky is SUCH a moron. Just saw the article in the Post where he called Paps a "mouse".
Took offense at the "20-something kid" criticizing an owner - an OWNER for god's sake! Oh yeah, they're so much above their players. At least in Steinland they are.
I think the fact that he's responding to Pap's remark at all just gives it credence and shows his pettiness.

Jack Marshall said...

Don't you think this is all prelude to an old fashioned, late 70's style, messed up NYY season, but without the superior talent of the Martin teams? I think Girardi is going to show why Torre was essential for this team, especially with a Steinbrenner rampant. If they can't get through a spring training Rays games without drama, for god's sake, what happens when Mariano blows a couple of saves against the Red Sox? Hughes will have a string of bad games and get called gutless by Hanky, or Damon will play lame and get insulted for "not playing like a Yankee", or Girardi will get in a feud with the Boss Jr. Remember, Girardi got fired for ticking off his last owner, who wasn't nearly this big an A-hole.

I just love the possibilities. If only Bill Lee could make a comeback; the Sox need one designated Yankee-baiter to light the fuse. Maybe Pedroia will take on the role...this season is going to be such a blast!!!

tim said...

Man, this guy is FUCKED! His tenure as owner is going to be filled with so many forehead-slapping moments and more shameful head drops that I'm going to need a new forehead and neck after every season.

redsock said...

I hope so, Jack.

The three young starters are going to struggle -- and Hankee has blabbed about them being so great. He's not going to like it. Especially if/when the Sox batter them around -- like in mid-April!

I'm curious to see if Girardi has truly learned a lesson about abusing young arms. There's a lot of potential that he could flat-out ruin.

I love that the Post refers to him as "Baby Boss". He turns 51 next month.

9casey said...

redsock said...

The three young starters are going to struggle --

Is it a forgine conclusion that Hut is starting?

Wang, Petitte, Hughes, Kennedy, Mussinsa and or Joba?

If Joba does start thats great for teams everywhere, because that means Farnsworth will be the 8th inning game.....

redsock said...

Check out Newsday's back page. More ammo for moronic Choker fans to think Slappy is a bubble gum-popping wimp.