March 15, 2008

Oh, Boy! Dice Should Open Season

Ian Browne,
Daisuke Matsuzaka became a father again on Saturday morning, and as a result, he ... now becomes a candidate to pitch the season opener against the Oakland Athletics on March 25 at Tokyo Dome. ...

Matsuzaka's wife, Tomoyo, delivered the couple's second child -- and first boy -- at 7:30 on Saturday morning. ... It is believed that the birth took place in Boston. ...

Matsuzaka will pitch in Boston's Grapefruit League finale against the Blue Jays on Wednesday, the same day the team will depart for Tokyo.
Excellent timing!


Patrick said...

The idea that he wasn't going to pitch for the sox in japan was ridiculous.

I really hope they don't send Wakefield to Japan, although I know they will.

Until someone invents instant teleportation devices, I don't think we should be sending players across an ocean for a game.

Jere said...

Nice job, Wife-K!

"The idea that he wasn't going to pitch for the sox in japan was ridiculous."

I would've been crappy, I guess, had he not gone. But I know I'd wanna be with my wife when she was giving birth. And I guess in Japanese culture it's even more important. The team knew going in that it would be a possibility. This trip has nothing to do with "let the Japanese people see their own," and everything to do with $$$$$$$. (And making more fans of the team in Japan. Which leads to... $$$$$.)

Amy said...

It did seem sort of a shame that DiceK would not get to play in Japan. On the other hand, if I were his wife, I wouldn't be too happy about him leaving the country a week or so after having a new baby.

L-girl said...

Congratulations to Dice-Mom and Dice-Dad!

Of course the trip to Japan is about $$$, but don't underestimate how much fans there want to see him. I'm glad this works out for everyone.

As for Mom-K missing Dad-K right after birth, something tells me if you marry a professional baseball player, that comes with the territory. At least these days players can take time off to be with their wives. In the old days, it would have cost them their job.

SoSock said...

Hip hip...hooray.
Very glad to see Dice going to Japan!
So now he can start there and hopefully Beckett will be ready for game 3. I know RS is thinking Apr. 8 for the home opener, but I bet he pitches against Oakland.
Just a hunch