March 11, 2008

Papelbon Helps Sox Slide Past Mets

Jonathan Papelbon tried out his slider against the Mets this afternoon.
I used to throw it when I was starting so it's not like a new pitch, really. ... The slider looks like a heater and then it moves down in on the back foot [to lefties]. There's so many situations [last year] where I'm out there and I'm saying, "God, if I had the slider, he'd be done." ... By the time spring training unfolds, I'll go into the season being a three-pitch closer.
Boston topped the Stems 4-3; Manny Ramirez (2-for-3, double, run, RBI), Mike Lowell (solo dong), Joe Thurston (double, run), Sean Casey (single, 2 RBI) led the offense.

Tim Wakefield started (4-5-2-3-0). Bot pitched two perfect innings and Manny Delcarmen followed with two shutout frames (6 outs and an HBP).

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Patrick said...

WOOOHOOOO! Give us the trophy now, because it's over!

But seriously, it's nice to have something good to rally behind.