March 24, 2008

Projections and Predictions #3

The Boston Globe has posted its season preview section:
           Benjamin  Edes      Ryan      CHB
AL East Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox Yankees
AL Cent Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Tigers
AL West Angels Angels Mariners Angels
AL WC Tigers Tigers Blue Jays Red Sox
AL Pennant Red Sox Cleveland Red Sox Tigers

NL East Mets Mets Atlanta Mets
NL Cent Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs
NL West D'backs D'Backs Dodgers D'backs
NL WC Dodgers Atlanta Mets Padres
NL Pennant D'Backs Cubs Dodgers D'backs

WS Champs D'backs Cleveland Red Sox Tigers
Elsewhere, Nick Cafardo picks the Blue Jays to win the East.


Highlights from Athlon's 2008 preview:

AL East: Red Sox, Yankees, Blue Jays, Rays, Orioles
AL WC: Yankees
AL Central: Tigers
AL West: Angels
ALCS: Red Sox over Tigers
MVP: David Ortiz
CY: Justin Verlander
RoY: Jacoby Ellsbury

NL Divisions: Phillies, Cubs, Diamondbacks
NL WC: Dodgers
NLCS: Diamondbacks over Phillies
MVP: Ryan Howard
CY: Brandon Webb
RoY: Kosuke Fukudome

WS: Red Sox over Diamondbacks

Red Sox "Final Analysis":
For 86 years, the Red Sox went without a title. Now, since the start of the 2000 season, Boston is the only franchise with two. Unlike the 2004 Sox, who had a number of key free agents, the 2007 team introduced a number of new, young players who help ensure that the Red Sox will be in the thick of championship contention for years to come.
Yankees "Final Analysis":
If the pitching holds up, Girardi's Yankees have the ingredients to fuel another run into October. The offense is powerful and versatile, and if the young starters are as good as they think, they'll be the favorite for the wild card and should challenge Boston for the AL East crown.
Previous P&P: 1 and 2.


tim said...

Red bulls - F-yeah! "

""I was a little tired [Sunday] night," said Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia. "It finally got me in the ninth inning. I was ready for bed. But we've got to find a way to do something. I don't know, maybe we'll drink more Red Bulls in the seventh inning. We'll be fine." "

So, the Sox are the "visitors" in this series, right?

Jack Marshall said...

Last season, you may recall, everyone was writing at the All-Star break how the Tigers were the best team in baseball despite the Sox W-L record, which was better. This is Jim Leyland Mystique. Everyone assumes that Renteria will not repeat his last AL performance---I'm not so sure. Everyone forgets that Sheffield and I-Rod are on the decline. Everyone ignores the fact that Cabrera at third may make Butch Hobson look like Brooks Robinson. The team has a crippled bullpen and a hold-your-breath closer, and its 1-4 starters all tanked in the second half. #5, Kenny Rogers is old and injury prone, and the minors are bare. I won't be surprised if they finish 3rd in the Central.

redsock said...

Tim: Yes, these are "at Oakland" games.

Note that Ryan has the MFY 3rd.

Pokerwolf said...

Good Ol' CHB. Picking the Yankees to win and the Sox as the WC because he's pining for the days of his made up Curse.

I'm not sold on the Tigers either, Jack. But, I'm not ready to hand the division to Cleveland either because everything depends on the health of Sabitha and Werdum. It'll be an interesting season, for sure.

phrenile said...

So the three non-CHB columnists predict a MFYs-free October? That'd be sweet if it somehow came to pass.

Patrick said...

Jack, I totally agree. I think Cleveland has more depth and is younger. I wouldn't be surprised if the final four in the AL are the same as last year or maybe Mariners over LA.

That said I think fantasy players will enjoy a big year from Miggy.

Jack Marshall said...

Torre saved the Yankees from self-destructing the last two seasons. Girardi is a good manager, but with Hank lurking, lots of vets primed to start looking their age (are there two better bets for players to fall short of their 2007 stats than ARod and Posada?) or end up disabled, and shaky starting pitching---plus I'm betting that this is the year Rivera becomes "just another closer"---the Yankees will need some luck to make the play-offs, or even second place. I won't miss 'em. I hope they start a nice rivalry with the Rays.

Jere said...

If the Yanks' pitching "holds up"? Don't you have to have accomplished something in the first place to be able to then hold it up later?