March 2, 2008

ST3: Twins 8, Red Sox 2

Twins - 004 000 004 - 8 11 1
Red Sox - 010 010 000 - 2 5 1
Wakefield allowed one hit in two scoreless innings. Buchholz allowed four runs and five hits in the third, but pitched a perfect fourth. Box.

Lowell homered in the second inning. David Ortiz doubled. Boston's other hits were singles from Pedroia, Julio Lugo and Jonathan Van Every.

Craig Hansen faced nine batters in the ninth and allowed two hits, three walks and four runs.


Livan Hernandez / Tim Wakefield, 1 PM

Also scheduled to pitch: Clay Buchholz.

If you wanna see Jonathan Papelbon wearing black lace while dancing the merengue or a bare-chested Dustin Pedroia dipping his partner or Mike Lowell striking a pose, it's your lucky day.


L-girl said...

Bot is into it! But poor FY, he looks more like he's baling hay or shoveling snow.

redsock said...

Tizzle with the first-inning double to right center!!!

redsock said...

NESN showing video of the dancing. Dan and Jerry yukking it up.

0-0 after 1.

redsock said...

Don says FY was wearing a sign that said "Daddy". ??

Looks like it's written in pen and says "Badd___"

Bad Dude, maybe?

redsock said...

Remy talking about the "Mall of Ameriker".

redsock said...

FY ends the top of the 2nd by diving all-out to his left on the RF grass and throwing out the runner.

redsock said...


Crisp, CF
Pedroia, 2B
Ortiz, DH
Ramirez, LF
Lowell, 3B
Drew, RF
Youkilis, 1B
Lugo, SS
Mirabelli, C

Live box

redsock said...

DR. DONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fastball up, lined to left.

nick said...

There goes the no-hitter.

what a beautiful day out there.

redsock said...

Just got back to the game.

Sounds like Buchholz's first three pitches were hit for a home run, single, single.


redsock said...

"Jesus. We coulda had Santana instead of this bum."
(/weei idiot)

redsock said...

another single thru the infield, a stolen base, and a 2-run single off manny's glove (he tumbled/lunged after it) in left.


redsock said...

Retires his 6th batter on a popup to SS in short LF. ... Shake it off and get outs.

nick said...

doh. so many close not-plays. This'll look ugly for buchholz, but man... one or two of those that hit a glove might've turned this around a bit.

1. popped out of coco's glove on the slide. 2. just pass the dive of DP 3. off the heal of manny's glove. Both the manny and oCoC plays turned what would've been really nice plays into bumbling-looking maneuvers.

plus 2 stolen bases so far this inning.


nick said...

just remembered jere's announcing. Right now I'm listening to that and NESN. Here's the link for jere's play-by-play.

nick said...

dougie walks and skips the tag to avoid the double play. wow!

redsock said...

Here's the link for jere's play-by-play.

I hope he doesn't start defending Grady this time.

Jere said...

Thanks for the link, Nick! I'd already guaranteed no Little talk (small talk?) on this blog the other day.

Jack Marshall said...

It's good to see that the sleep-disorder surgery has got Hanson back on track...

SoSock said...

Rough day for the Clay Man. But what the hell - it's 1st time out, means nothing. Essentially just glorified stretching.
Nice that he shook it off and retired the side next inning.

thatdietcokegirl said...

haha the boxscore for the twins comes up as a romanian number for skype in foxfire.

do we take a lot of stock in how pitchers do in spring training? hope not.

ps. i've been in a world of warcraft coma. but the sox are back to take me out of it!!!! yay!! (this is a lie, but oh well. they'll have to share xox)