March 14, 2008

Time Crunch For Coco Re Japan

The Red Sox leave for Japan next Wednesday and it sounds like Coco Crisp may not make the trip. Crisp met with Theo Epstein and Terry Francona Thursday. The Herald reports that Francona
has been meeting with all of his players so nobody is caught off-guard by the team's decisions. ...

Earlier this week, Francona indicated it would be unrealistic for the club to play someone during the regular-season games in Japan if the same player had not been on the field in Florida.
More Tito: "Realistically, we're leaving in six days and we wanted him to understand what possibilities exist."

Coco has only four at-bats this month and has been sidelined with a sort left groin. He took part in a full workout today.

The Courant says Josh Beckett "could be close to playing catch". Francona: "He's doing the treadmill. He's getting there."

Art Martone remembers Doug Mirabelli:
Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

And others, like Doug Mirabelli, latch onto it.
The time of April 2's game in Oakland had been changed from 10 PM EST to 3:35 PM. "According to the San Francisco Chronicle ... the Players Association argued that the Red Sox needed time to adjust to eastern time to get ready for an April 4th game at Toronto after a day off on April 3rd."


L-girl said...

The time of April 2's game in Oakland had been changed from 10 PM EST to 3:35 PM.

Shit, so I miss that game after all. I was telling myself that I was hardly missing any games while I'm in NYC, because I can't stay up for west coast games anyway.

Oh well. I'm grateful I'm not missing opening day.

Jack Marshall said...

I think its best for all concerned for Crisp to start the season with the Sox. If he shows signs of getting back to 2005 form (I'm no longer expecting this, but it could happen), he would be a valuable commodity. His trade value will be higher later in any event, with injuries and player shuffling disrupting outfields.(What if Carlos Beltran goes down again, for example?) And it can't hurt being able to put LBJ in left and Coco in center in the late innings. I once thought that Schilling going down guaranteed that Coco would be traded for a mid-level starter, but with Colon shocking us and hitting 94 on the radar gun, that's not yet in the cards.