March 16, 2008

Tito: Beckett Will Stay In Fort Myers

Terry Francona:
It's not the right thing to do [to send him]. Everything we say, we need to live by.
Beckett had a throwing session with John Farrell this morning. He made 25 throws at 60 feet and 10 throws at 75 feet -- and had no pain. Farrell told the Globe:
The main thing is there was no discomfort and no restrictions. His arm action and follow through, at least on flat ground was normal. Tomorrow he'll go back to 90 feet. Then on Tuesday we would look to get back his normal long-toss activity, pre-bullpen and finish up with some flat ground work before we go to the mound which would be on Thursday.
Farrell added that having Beckett pitch in Oakland on either April 1 or 2 would be "too aggressive".

1 comment:

SoSock said...

So I was wrong :(
I really felt he would be ready for the games in Cal.
Oh well. I feel good about this season too, let's hope that goes better.