March 17, 2008

Yankees 8, Red Sox 4

Red Sox - 002 200 000 - 4   8  0
Yankees - 430 100 00x - 8 12 1

Check out this morning's post for an exciting two-man game thread.


Patrick said...

To sum it up: Colon sucked on paper, but showed that he has good life left in his arm.

Taverez needs to go

It's sad that Drew is blocking Moss so totally.

It's not so sad that Lugo and Pedroia are blocking Lowrie.

Craig Hansen might become ML ready this year with excellent stuff.

And Youk can unleash the hebrew hammer when provoked.

phrenile said...

To sum up: they creamed the shitty pitchers they're least likely to see in the regular season, and we touched up their ace. Also it's hard to extrapolate from an early exhibition game when neither team has a stable lineup.

Jere said...

"and we touched up their ace."

I thought Wang was their ace. So did we touch up a wang or did we just pet it? I'm confused. This is gonna be a long season.